“My home is a hub for Jane’s virtual activities “

My sister, Jane, is 43 years old and was diagnosed as an adult with Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and binocular non-convergence. Jane takes a little longer to process information and to communicate.  She understands things very literally, finding body language, tone and sarcasm almost impossible to comprehend.  She struggles to recognise or admit when things aren’t […]

“She was understandably in a state of acute anxiety”

Anna has complex learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy and asthma, as well as poor fine and gross motor co-ordination. She is in the most vulnerable category so we were very anxious to bring her home during the Corona Virus Lockdown, where we could help isolate her safely. Anna was initially reluctant. She normally enjoys an independent […]

“Can I come home?”

Katie lives in Residential Care locally.  She joins us 3 out of 4 weekends normally.  She keeps saying to me on the phone or on Facetime “I have been very good, can I come home this weekend?” I try and explain for the umpteenth time that this is not possible at the moment because a […]