Bus Travel by Winchester Go LD member James

Winchester Go LD member James, who has autism, recently obtained his own bus pass after qualifying for the higher rate Personal Independence Payment (PIP). This significant change has  really helped, providing James with stress free independence to travel around his community. For people with disabilities like autism, having a bus pass offers free access to transportation, enabling people to participate more easily in activities, access essential services, and connect with the community.

It’s a seemingly little thing that can make a big difference.  Winchester Go LD can help people apply for a bus pass and help navigate the criteria. Please get in touch if you don’t have a bus pass and you need a hand with the application.

James has begun outlining his bus travel thoughts and plans for the year 2024.

Bus Travel (with a bus pass) by James

Journeys further than Winchester can be a challenge as some destinations are not adequately served by buses.  It is also difficult to leave Winchester when there are road accidents or events (like the Christmas market).

Most of Winchester Go LD members have bus passes anyway.  The only good route out of Winchester is the number 1 to Southampton.  The last bus back from Andover is before 6pm which is quite early.

I do challenge myself to use buses to travel to the Isle of Wight, London and out of the county.  I have been able to go to Salisbury, Blandform Forum in Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth, Andover and Swindon.

I would like to have my say how public transport could be improved across the UK.

Idea: see how far you can travel in 24 hours on a bus

eg. Lizard (Cornwall in the south) to Great Yarmouth (in the east).

I would like to know what people with disabilities think about bus drivers.

What services can be improved/changed.

How long will the £2 bus cap continue.

I am also worried about Hampshire County Council’s proposal to reduce street lighting at night.

Pic: James S (far right) with David and James E on the train to Portsmouth