“Can I come home?”

Katie lives in Residential Care locally.  She joins us 3 out of 4 weekends normally.  She keeps saying to me on the phone or on Facetime “I have been very good, can I come home this weekend?” I try and explain for the umpteenth time that this is not possible at the moment because a lot of people are very ill and we all have to stay at home to help them get better.  Katie just cannot understand this and cries a lot.  It is hard enough for us to understand, let alone a person with severe learning disabilities. She thinks she has done something wrong and is being punished. 

Katie loves attending Winchester Go LD’s Circuit training on Saturday afternoons – she has mobility problems so the exercise really helps her – plus she loves the social aspect!  Winchester Go LD have set up a Zoom Circuit training session which we hope all four ladies in her house are able to join.

Staff at the home of the ladies are relatively new but are doing their best to ‘entertain’ them. However, the house is quite small as is the garden and 4 ladies living constantly together at the best of times has its problems. The Manager says he can feel the heat of ‘Cabin Fever’ rising daily! There have been a few emotional explosions!

Some parents and grandparents are finding it difficult to understand why they cannot see their loved ones and some have turned up to the house.  This only adds to everyone’s trauma.

Lockdown with Learning Disabilities is a very hard pill to swallow for the residents and we totally admire the dedication of all the care staff who are trying to do their very best under these extremely difficult circumstances.

We are now trying to get Katie a ‘tablet’ set up so that she and possibly her housemates can join in the Social Media that Winchester Go LD are holding on Zoom three times a week and the weekly Circuit training session. 

Philippa, Katie’s mum