Community Fundraising

Tools for home fundraising
  • Set up a Just Giving page so people can donate or sponsor your activity
  • Use Facebook or YouTube to live stream your events
  • Use Zoom, Houseparty or Skype for activities where you want lots of people to join in by video
  • For direct donations, use our  Donation page
  • Please remember to gift aid using the attached form

Standing order with optional gift aid (1)

We know times are tough and not everyone can afford to – but here at Winchester Go LD we would be very grateful for any help at the current time.  Here are some ideas to get you started.
The everyday donate fund
  • If you’re currently working from home why not consider donating the price of your daily coffee/lunch or one day’s  travel or bus/train fare to pay for our Zoom meetings we are running to stop our members from feeling so isolated?
  • Why not join in the isolation beard challenge and raise money for Winchester GoLD by telling everyone what you are doing, and maybe a few others will donate and join your fundraising page? and also do the challenge which is simple, you start growing a beard now and you don’t shave it off until the pubs are open and then have a big bearded celebration.
The Fundraising Event Challenge

Run that Marathon, or Cycle London to Brighton, set yourself a challenge distance and timescale and commit to what you can do with what you’ve got access to – even if that does mean running back and forth in your garden, or using a static bike!  Ask your friends and family to sponsor you and use a fitness app like Strava to share your progress.

Giving in Celebration

 If you’re having a birthday, wedding anniversary or other celebration, ask people to make a donation rather than sending a gift. They could even donate the money they’re saving by not
travelling to see you in person.

Virtual pub Quiz

Use Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to hold
a virtual pub quiz. Set up a page Just giving and ask your guests to make a donation to take part. Why not ask people to donate the price of a pint?

Coronavirus swear jar

Put £1 into the jar whenever you use the word
“coronavirus” and donate the collection to Winchester Go LD

Keep fit

Set your workout, invite everyone you know and ask people to donate the cost of their gym class. It’s good to exercise daily
even when stuck at home, so why not make your class a daily or weekly activity for your friends.

Lastly, please do let us know what you are doing we would love to support you, and display your photos and stories on our social media and website.