Introducing our new 3 year business plan.

As a board of trustees we are pleased to announce that we have now approved our next 3 year business plan. We are in the process of distributing the document below to all of our stakeholders to enable us to share our intentions and plans for the charity over the next three years.

Our staffing structure has evolved to reflect current demand and our future plans. We are delighted that Betty Chadwick has taken on a full time Chief Executive role for Winchester Go LD. She will be responsible for steering Winchester Go LD in line with our new Business Plan, supported by our new part time general manager, Naomi Turnbull. We continue to rely on the skill and expertise of Emma Snagge and Sharron Clements who both offer a wealth of experience in working with our members at Winchester Go LD.

As with any business plan, this document lays out our major objectives and how we intend to achieve them, always with the interests of our members at heart. Ultimately we want to offer more services to more members. We know that our award winning member services are valued by those who interact with us but we have an ambition to build on this success and engage more local adults with learning difficulties in the Winchester district.

To ensure we remain as inclusive as possible we took feedback from our members, our staff and all those who are involved with our charity. We wanted our future plans to be stakeholder led and we believe what we have produced links directly to the feedback we have received during the business planning process.

We would love you to read through the document to help you recognise our ambition and we would be thrilled if you could give us any feedback on what you read in the plan. We also hope that you will recognise the governance we apply with the money that is entrusted to us through grants, trusts, donations and fund raising. This money is our life blood and we can’t emphasise enough how important all of you who help us to raise funds, are to the end service distributed to our members.

If you feel engaged in the material that you read and you become interested in helping us achieve our goals, we are always on the lookout for additional volunteers and in particular trustees where we are currently a little light on the ground. Any support would be really welcome and is pivotal if we are to continue our outstanding success.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and thank you for your continued interest in Winchester Go LD.

Please read the Business Plan 2021-2024 here