Lisa joined our Zoom Cookery workshops

Lisa is a member of Winchester Go LD, she is 40 years old. She grew up near Winchester and many of her friends live locally. Lisa currently lives in supported flat, close to the Discovery Centre and the Winchester Go LD office in the centre of the city. Lisa can cook simple meals for herself, she is good at using the oven. She explained that her biggest challenges with cooking are timing and ‘…I find the hobs difficult because I can get burned…’.
She tends to cook most of her meals from frozen. Her favourite foods are macaroni cheese and jacket potatoes. Lisa doesn’t normally drink alcohol, except on special occasions.

Prior to lockdown, Lisa spent time volunteering at the Naomi House Charity Shop. During the last 6 months she has really missed this role and she looks forward to going back to the shop. At the beginning of lockdown Lisa left her flat and independence in Winchester to stay with her parents. She returned to her flat about 6 weeks ago. Adjusting to uncertainty and change is difficult for lots of people, it is particularly difficult for adults with learning disabilities.

Lisa is an active member of Winchester Go LD. She takes part on lots of the on-line Zoom activities – Monday afternoon tea, Tuesday drop-in, Friday funky lunch and Saturday low level circuits on-line. Before lockdown, Lisa had never heard of Zoom before and she is pleased that her parents were able to help her learn how to use it initially. She does use social media (such as Facebook) a little bit and with support she is able to do online grocery shopping. Lisa also enjoys going outside and she has benefited from
the Friendship through Food Summer picnics hosted by Winchester Go LD and FirstBite and the Winchester Go LD Walk and Talk program. When asked about other hobbies, Lisa says “….I love watching TV and catching up with the soaps…”.

Unlike Lisa’s Zoom Cookery classmates, she was not able get a good reception for Zoom from her basement kitchen. With the help of Betty and Jane from Winchester Go LD she was able to follow the class by WhatsApp on her phone video. Her favourite meal from the course was the tuna and pasta. She enjoyed all parts of the cookery course, including sitting down, eating together and chatting over video link. Lisa would strongly recommend this course to her friends.