Lockdown Stories

The Covid pandemic has been challenging for everyone and has been especially difficult for those with learning disabilities, who can feel highly anxious when things change quickly and the normal pattern of life is disrupted.

During lockdowns at times all of us have been unable to visit friends or family, our freedom to leave our homes  has been restricted and our daily routines completely disrupted.   Many of our members could only go as far as their front door. Some moved back to live with family to limit the spread of coronavirus. Lockdown measures and isolation from friends is not only frustrating for people, it is also very frightening.

For many families across the country, lockdown was mentally, physically and emotionally challenging, but for people living with autism and their relatives, these day-to-day struggles can be magnified.   Many parents have been caring for their children who may have a multitude of complex medical needs.

We wanted to share some different perspectives on lockdown – each family has a different story.   

Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Ros’s story

Ros is a member of Winchester Go LD and she is 33 years old. Ros lives independently in a 2 bedroomed flat in Winchester. Ros’

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