Picnic news from Tommy

Tommy Jessop thought the whole picnic was quite wicked with meeting up with other people and getting some fresh air.

Thank you to FirstBite for arranging the picnic which was really nice actually.

I had some Cheese and Tomato sandwiches, Trout pasta, Crackers, an Apple and an Orange and we each brought drinks from home.

The picnics are by invitation every Friday from 10th July – 14th August so that every member can join 1 picnic.   We also had to social distance ourselves from each other as well

Thank you to Jane who organised who came to the picnic’s already.

  • Katy A said ‘Thumbs Up and a Big Clap’ – and she was smiling a lot.
  • James B said that he ‘really enjoyed it’.
  • Anna B said that ‘it was good to see everyone again and she really enjoyed it’ as well

Stay safe everyone, Tommy