Saturday Circuits

Go LD are celebrating Mental Health Awareness week with this video from our weekly Saturday Circuits.

Exercise can be so much fun and it’s great for everyone’s mental health.

As gyms are closed and everyone is less active, now more than ever we need to keep in good health.

We are helping our members keep smiling with online groups and games.   We have been so impressed by the take up from our members for these virtual groups, many of whom struggle with technology.

There is lots of laughter and it’s important for everyone to be able to see their friends and share stories, many of whom are isolating.

Mum to one of our members Helen says “Seeing everyone else at home deepens Jon’s understanding of what we’re going through. Go LD have hardly been off video conferencing, making Jon’s life just a little easier, but, importantly, making us feel that there are people out there who understand our situation.”