Try the Train – our trip to Shawford

We had a Try the Train day with South Western Railway.  You can watch the video here! 🤩 Lisa and Ros explain what train travel means to them.

It was great to hear more about the Help Points 🗣 and that it is OK to ask for help if you have a question or feel anxious.…/communi…/try-the-train

“We’re keen to make the railway accessible to all, especially helping individuals overcome the barrier of limited confidence.”

Michael and Sarah from South Western Railway explained how to use the Information Boards and Help Point at Shawford Station during our recent day trip.  When we got to the station, Winchester Go LD member Andrew tested it out by pushing the Green Help button and asking how to get to Bournemouth.  Everyone was delighted to hear the helpful reply from the voice on the other end!   Thank you Lucy Lomax at East Hampshire Community Rail Partnership for helping organise these sessions.

It was a really fun day out – a walk across the Water Meadows to Compton Lock for our picnic and finishing with a drink at the Bridge Inn.   Fortunately we escaped the rain!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers Martin and Adam for joining us on our day trips.

If you would like to know more about volunteering with Winchester Go LD please get in touch we’d love to hear from you!