Wellbeing Project: Nutrition Module

A huge thank you to our funders: Hendy Foundation, Barchester Charitable Foundation and HiWCF NHS fund for their generous contributions totalling £3,945.52 supporting this fantastic collaborative project between Winchester Go LD and Munch CIC. Our total project cost was £5,272.06.

Winchester Go LD members have focused on all things nutrition for 8 weeks over the summer. We’ve learned about healthy eating, different food groups, world foods, batch cooking and lots more. We’ve talked all about nutrition to over 100 people: 52 Winchester Go LD members, 8 volunteers, 4 staff members, 3 fitness instructors and lots of our members’ families and carers – that’s a lot of chat about food!

16 of our members took part in small group weekly cooking workshops on Zoom led by Mary from Munch CIC with some help from Betty our CEO. We started by making a large batch of delicious homemade tomato sauce and then used this as a base for some yummy and healthy recipes during the course.

The popular recipes are now on the Resources page on our website (Nutrition) – for our members to use whenever they want.   We will also publish them on our social media page  over the next few weeks.

Mary has also provided a video to remind us how to make the delicious homemade tomato sauce, which we will be sharing on our channels.